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Paden City Church of the Nazarene

Annual Report 2016-2017

As many churches approach their centennial celebration, they find themselves fighting for survival—or at least feeling that they are. We are just shy of our 100th anniversary by seven years, and there are some indicators that might give us concern. While our giving is as strong as ever, and we are taking good care of both our facilities and people, morning worship attendance is not what it once was, and the way that we structure ministry has changed so much that it can be downright uncomfortable at times.


Nevertheless, we strive to answer God’s call to minister in the present 21st century world in the following ways:


1. As we plan programs and ministries, our focus will be upon the needs of those whom we are trying to reach for Jesus’ sake. No longer will our personal preferences or desires be the criteria by which we judge the church and its work. The 11 new believers and 4 new members of last year are the first fruits of this revival.


2. The number of options available for Sunday School classes and for midweek ministries will increase. The “one size fits all” approach of the mid-20th century Nazarene church does not provide the alternatives needed to engage people with busy and diverse schedules. Our change of philosophy for midweek ministries has already led to a 45% increase in involvement.


3. This commitment to creative ministry will extend to our weekly worship service. This may lead us to begin a second service, or it may lead us to make our existing service more culturally diverse. Either way, we will remain rooted to our unique identity as a Wesleyan-Holiness congregation for the sake of the broken-hearted around us.   


Lovingly submitted,


Pastor Scott Mapes, Lead Pastor

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