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Paden City Church of the Nazarene

Our Pastors

Rev. Theodore Kampman (1927-28) 

Rev. Albert Walters (1929)                

Rev. B. H. Mead (1930-31)                 

Rev. J. H. Rickey (1931-33)               

Rev. W. H. Hudgins (1933-34)            

Rev. Harry Johnson (1934-37)           

Rev. Preston Bishop (1937-40)          

Rev. W. J. Pellow (1940-41)                

Rev. L. D. Smith (1941-44)                  

Rev. Louis King (1944-47)                  

Rev. A. M. Hick (1947-54)                   

Rev. Herman Ward (1954-59)

Rev. T. J. Boshell (1959-68)

Rev. O. C. Rushing (1968-70)

Rev. R. L. Atkinson (1971-74)

Rev. LeRoy Hostutler (1974-81)

Rev. Forrest Harvey (1981-83)

Rev. Everett Clay (1984-87)

Rev. Keith Hostutler (1987-98)

Rev. Gary Sidle (1998-2001)

Rev. Gregory Kasler (2002-07)

Rev. David Edwards (2008-11)

Rev. S. Scott Mapes (2011-18)

Distinguished Service Award Winners


Donald Lee Estep (1978)                      

Glenn Crane (1979)                              

Frank P. Dulaney (1980)

Berly M. Midcap (1981)

Bessie Williams (1982)

Burnell and Betty Solina (1982)

Donald Estep (1984)

Louise Davis (1985)

Deloris Batson (1986)

Susan Hostutler (1989)    

Steve & Sharon Seneker (1994)          

Dorothy Stewart (1995)                                                 

Irene Duncan (1997)                                                      

James L. Batson (2000)                                     

Rev. Alfred Kay (2003)                                                      

Ruth C. Dunn (2005)                                                           

Hilda Bowen (2010)                                                         

Marvin Williams (2010)                                                  

Lanna Goode (2011)

Kathy Travis (2014)                              

Debbie Yurisko (2016)   

The 1920s-30s

          On Friday, September 12, 1924, the Paden City Church of the Nazarene was organized at the home of J.J. Parker.  The charter members were Jane Carse, Nettie Kiggans, Ressie Morris, Jennie Parker, J.J. Parker, Stella Parker, Aaron Scamahorn, Liva Bell Scamahorn, Myrtle Scamahorn, Ada VanCamp, Margaret Wells, and Mary Wells.  Our church was started by the Pittsburgh District, under the leadership of District Superintendent Dr. Howard W. Sloan.

            The church initially met in the local lodge hall, but in May 1926 a lot was purchased on the corner of Third Avenue and Robinson Street.  While it would take several years, on April 15, 1929, the congregation met on this property to dedicate it to God and the cause of holiness.          

          Seven pastors served the church during this decade, with the longest tenured being Rev. Harry Johnson (1934-37). 

          At the end of the 1924-25 church year, we reported a total of 18 members, and by 1940 membership had grown to 85 (+472%).  The Sunday School growth was even more impressive, beginning with 20 at the end of the first year and expanding to 112 by 1940 (+920%).  Official records would not include morning worship attendance or annual giving for several decades yet.


The 1940s and 1950s


            During these two decades, the Paden City church saw the most rapid growth in its history.  From a Sunday School average of 112 in 1940, Christian education attendance peaked at 237 in 1955 before declining to 123 in 1960.  Church membership followed a similar pattern, peaking at 203 in 1954 before a decline to 110 in 1960.

            Realizing the need for space for expansion, the church purchased seven lots of property on South Fifth Avenue in 1956 for a new church and parsonage.  This, of course, is the present property on which the church is located.

            During this time period, five pastors served the church.  The first stayed one year, and the next two stayed three years, but the first long-term pastoral ministries in the church’s history would be led by Rev. A.M. Hick (1947-54) and Rev. Herman Ward (1954-59).  The older living members in our church today have clear remembrances from this era and recall these as very exciting days for our church by the Ohio River.


The 1960s and 1970s

            The 1960s was the decade of building, as the Sunday School annex was built in 1964 and used for both classes and worship until the construction of the sanctuary was completed in 1967.  The pastor during this era of building and expansion was Rev. T.J. Boshell (1959-68).  The first service in the new sanctuary was held on January 29, 1967, and the dedication was on July 10, 1967, with W.V. District Superintendent Harvey Hendershot as the guest speaker.

            Three pastors followed Rev. Boshell and served the church during the 1970s, with Rev. LeRoy Hostutler (1974-81) leading the church for the longest period in this era.

            This twenty-year period was also a time of solid church growth, as the Sunday School attendance grew from 123 (1960) to 161 (1980) for a percentage increase of 30.9%, and as the church membership grew from 110 (1960) to 185 (1980) for a percentage increase of 68.2%.  The level of optimism for the Paden City church was very high at the beginning of the 1980s.

The 1980s and 1990s

            Beginning with the 1976-77 church year, the Nazarene denomination began recording morning worship attendance records.  This provided yet another way for the Paden City church to assess its growth and outreach.

            During these two decades, the church attendance and membership had up and down patterns.  Worship attendance declined from an average of 173 in 1977 to 115 in 2000, for a decrease of 33.5%.  Sunday School attendance also declined from 161 in 1980 to 109 in 2000—a decrease of 32.3%.  Likewise, church membership declined from 185 in 1980 to 170 in 2000, for a modest decrease of 8.1 %. 

            Four pastors served the congregation during this era, with the longest time of pastoral leadership belonging to Rev. Keith Hostutler (1987-98).  Under his guidance, the fellowship hall and baptistery were built and the vestibule remodeled in 1991. 

            As the new millennium began, our church’s pastors, Revs. Gary and Penney Sidle, left Paden City to become missionaries to the African nation of Zambia.  They were the first pastors in our church’s history to be called into cross-cultural ministry.

The New Millennium

            Following the church’s 75th anniversary in 1999, there was a growing sense in the congregation that changes would have to be made in order to share Christ effectively with our neighbors in the new century.  Each of our three most recent pastors made this challenge a priority.

            The longest pastoral tenure in the 2000s belongs to Rev. Greg Kasler (2002-07).  Under his leadership, a major church remodeling was completed in 2004, including new carpet, pews, a sound and video system upgrade, and the purchase of a Clavinova to replace the organ.  This enabled the worship team to begin to blend in some more contemporary music into our services.

            Rev. David Edwards (2008-11) followed Rev. Kasler, and, during his pastoral ministry, the majority of the Sunday School classes were rescheduled to Sunday evening during what used to be the evening worship service.  The morning worship service was scheduled earlier to allow more time for worship and response.

            Our present pastor, Rev. Scott Mapes (2011-present), added to these previous changes by leading the church in re-visioning Sunday School as a ministry that can occur anytime and anyplace.  Thus far, one new class has been carried out in the community at the Genesis Health Care Center in Sistersville.          

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